What is the application process for year 10 students wanting to join?

Expressions of interest and applications should be made directly to the Global Academy. The closing date is 31st January 2016, but students can still apply after this date. If we are full, late applicants will go onto a waiting list and if we have spaces they will be offered a place.


What is the application process for year 12 students wanting to join?

Expressions of interest and applications should be made directly to the Global Academy. There is no closing date but obviously the earlier the application the greater the chance of a place.


What is your catchment area?

We will be accepting 50% from within 5 miles of the new building in Hayes and 50% from anywhere outside this radius.


Are there any fees?

This is a state school funded by the Department for Education so there are no fees.


My son/daughter is currently in year 12 but would love to join the Global Academy in 2016. Can he/she repeat the year with you?

Yes, they can repeat the year and study with us for 2 years until they are 19.


My daughter/son is currently in year 10 but would love to join the Global Academy in 2016. Can she/he repeat the year at the Global Academy?

Yes, students can repeat the year with us though it’s likely we would not be able to offer the exact same subjects they’re already studying in Year 10. We deliver a very hands-on learning experience for this qualification which combines a mix of classroom learning and practical projects, so it’s in at the deep end stuff!


What are the entry requirements for year 12 students?

Year 12 students will need a minimum of 5 or more grade Cs at GCSE level. There are additional requirements for some subjects like Maths and Physics A-Level where we expect an A grade at GCSE. All applicants for year 12 will have an interview with us about their course and options so we can make sure our course is appropriate for their ability and aspirations.


What are the entry requirements for year 10?

There are no entry requirements but students must demonstrate a strong interest in the broadcast and digital media industry. They will attend a meeting to discuss their options so we can make sure that they are appropriate for their needs.


Are any students given priority entrance to the Global Academy?

Yes. Children with statements of SEN, children in care and pupil premium students are all given priority. Pupil Premium students are defined as those who have a parent who is part of the Armed Forces, Children in our Care (CIOC) or any student who has been on free school meals at any time in the past 6 years.


Will there be a uniform?

There won't be a uniform, but we'll expect all students to have their Global Academy Zoodie & T-Shirt on them at all times in case they're required to wear it. 


What is the duration of the school day?

The school day at the Global Academy will run from 9am until 5pm with a slightly earlier finish on a Friday. In addition to the core hours, there will be enrichment activities and clubs available too.


If it is a longer school day, when will my child fit in their homework?

A lot of the work at the Global Academy will be project based meaning less work to do at home after school.


When will the holidays be?

They will be similar to the holiday timetable of the schools that fall under Hillingdon.


How many students will there be in each class?

In year 10 it will be about 20-25 and in year 12 smaller in most subjects.


My child has special educational needs. What support will be available?

We will be appointing specialist staff to support students.


When do I need to inform my child’s existing school that they have applied to the Global Academy?

There is no need to notify your child’s current school of this until later in 2016. All schools are now required to tell students what their educational options are, including the opportunity to move to a UTC.


My child loves media and it sounds like the Global Academy would be perfect for them, but would they be narrowing down their options too early by joining in year 10.

This should not be a worry as the curriculum in years 10/11 is still very broad and students do not properly specialise until year 12.


When will you be recruiting staff?

We will be interviewing for staff from January 2016. If you are interested in applying please send your CV to question@globalacademy.com.

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